My Story


Les Foster

Founder Ostomy Solutions

 In 1985 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and little did I know at that time what was to be in store for me.  The next nine years were an all too familiar story to many of us acquainted with this disease.  They were nine years of pain and frustration, of trying to work and carry on a normal life while being in an almost constant state of misery.  My body was paying a great price from the countless trials of promising new medicines and the constant high doses of prednisone I was taking.  In 1994, my condition had deteriorated to the point where I made the decision to have my colon removed, a prospect that had terrified me.  Life had become so difficult living with the disease and it’s complications that the decision became clear, I no longer had a choice and I was ready to get it over with and to start living again.  Though I thought I had educated myself about living with an Ostomy and how my life would soon be improved I was in for a shock at how much I would find myself affected mentally by this new change in my body.

 After my initial recovery from surgery I became interested in finding what was available to make life better for me as an ostomate.  After settling on a pouching system that seemed to be the most reliable and give me the best wear time, one thing that remained was the body image concern that I had.  My new way of eliminating was functional to be certain but I sure wasn’t happy with the way I looked or felt with my clothes off.  My wife was good enough to construct a belt that would discretely cover my pouch and also be functional, a belt that could be worn for long periods of time comfortably, and offer a means of support and security.  I have been wearing the belt on a daily basis and over the last six years it has evolved to become the Better Life Ostomy Belt.

2014 Update:

It's been 14 years since I wrote the story above and there is just no comparison to living with this ostomy to how it was being sick with Ulcerative Colitis.  Now 64 years old I can honestly say that my ostomy has never held me back from anything I've wanted to do.  I can't help but wonder how my life would have been had I not opted for the surgery back then.  I'm away from home 13 hours a day working at a job which requires a lot of lifting, bending, and walking, and even though having an ileostomy requires that I use a public restroom to empty 6 times or so during my workday it has never even been a concern. I'm able to be in and out of the restroom in a couple minutes and no one at work would even suspect that I have something a bit different to deal with.  I've actually found some big advantages in having an ostomy. I love the outdoors whether fishing, hiking or camping etc. and it's really been great not having to worry about needing to find a clean restroom. If there's a small bush to kneel behind I can empty and be on my way in a minute!  And, you don't even need to take your pants down! The Better Life Ostomy Belt has been really great. It solved the body image depression that I went through and it allowed me to feel normal again.  I just cannot imagine how anyone with an ostomy would not benefit greatly by using one.


The Better Life Ostomy Belt is made of a soft Cotton/Lycra stretch fabric. It is machine washable and long wearing, extremely soft and comfortable and it keeps the plastic Ostomy pouch from touching the skin.  It is breathable and even on hot days I am not aware that I have it on.  A filling pouch is less noticeable under clothing and I seem to get longer wear time from each flange.  It is great for holding the bag securely during exercise and when you take off your clothes you don’t need to feel self-conscious while wearing this attractive and discrete band around your middle.  I find the Better Life Ostomy Belt to be of great benefit and I am convinced that when you try it you will too.