Here are some comments received from our customers:


"I just received my second belt today and am very pleased, as I was with the first one I bought last year. This is an excellent product that has given me a greatly increased sense of confidence. I feel more comfortable being active and am able to wear my regular clothes without the concerns I had about bulging without the belt. I've mentioned Ostomy Solutions to my oncologist who will pass on the info to other patients and have also recommended it on an ostomy support forum. Thanks for this terrific product that helps me be more myself and less an ostomy patient!" .....Ralph V.

      "My husband, Paul, was overwhelmed with embarrassment after his ileostomy surgery. He didn't know how he was going to live with the pouch. When I found your product, I ordered it super rush, and he was able to use it from the time he left the hospital following surgery.  Your Better Life Ostomy Belt certainly lived up to its name. It gave Paul the confidence and security he desired. He wore his belts until they were threadbare rather than go without while waiting for new ones to arrive. Paul died on November 26, 2006. His gently-used and laundered belts are being donated to less fortunate ostomates through the UOAA. Thank you for providing a product that enabled Paul to maintain his privacy, modesty and dignity".  .....Sima M.

      "O.K.  I am now a believer. I purchased one of your Ostomy Belts a few weeks ago and put it on the shelf for future consideration. The clasp on my pouch came undone yesterday. What an experience. It then dawned on me that I had this new Ostomy belt on the shelf. Ordering two more today. Thank you for this ingenious product".  .....Tom H.

     "I love your belt. I wear it 24/7 !  .....Marji C.

     "I received my belt yesterday and I immediately wore it. It feels like I don't even have an ileostomy! Thank you very much, you will hear from me again soon.  .....Abel G.  

     "I have been wearing your belts since I had my total colectomy 4 years ago. What a blessing they have been for me. They have held up well, since I have not had to order replacements until now. I will be contacting you shortly to purchase new belts. The old ones are still functional, just losing a bit of their elasticity. Thanks for the great product.  .....Brad S.

      "I know I've written before telling you how much I appreciate your product, but I just wanted to say it again, since this summer was my "litmus test". I'm a baseball umpire for high school and college level games. Once I recovered my strength to the point I knew I would be able to umpire again, the question of how I was going to manage with this pouch troubled me. Your belt gave me the comfort and freedom of movement to resume my umpiring avocation with great success. Not only that, but as you may or may not be aware, for us umps our "dressing room" is usually the parking lot! With your belt I was very comfortable changing outside without attracting undue attention to myself (my wife suggested some people may think I was wearing a brace of some kind). Nevertheless I didn't get any comments.  Thank you again for making such a great product available.  ..... John R.

     "I have received delivery of my support belt and I am amazed how comfortable it is. It gives me gentle support and protection and it has already increased my confidence. I can now wear a shirt tucked in and my stomach area, still sensitive to the huge scar, feels safe. Thank you very much. Its made a huge difference already.  ..... Jim C.

     "I just wanted to let you know that I showed my ostomy nurse your belt and she absolutely loved it. She has a huge clientele in Boston at Children's Hospital, and she's constantly trying new contraptions and inventions so that she can recommend them to her patients.  I'm a fan of your product and wish you lots of success!  Thank you again for a great invention.  .....Michael R. 

        "I just thought I'd write and tell you this belt is the best ever. I have had an ileostomy for 14 years. I can't believe it's been that long. In those years before the belt I felt so insecure about doing things that I did before the operation. Now that I have the belt, I am doing things that I used to do and feel that I can pretty much do anything I want, of course within reason."  ..... Your friend in Pennsylvania, Phil L.

      "I just received my Ostomy belt and I absolutely love it. I have had an ostomy for about a year and a half, and I have no idea how I got along without this belt for so long.  It has made wearing a pouch much more comfortable, and more secure. My job requires lifting, and I have caught my pouch many times. Now it is protected, and I feel much safer at work. I love this belt and I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has to wear a pouch. Thank you for this product."  ..... Mark H.

      "I received my belt and find it most helpful. There are 2 additional benefits to the belt that I don't believe you advertise. 1.My car seatbelts now don't lay across the pouch.  2.Seems to me no one will smell the leak before it gets outside the confines of the belt (saves the clothes). Thanks for your superior product."  ......  Gerald P.

       "The belt is great it really helps my husband a lot. He is a framing and siding contractor, and it keeps the ostomy bag up and out of the way of his tool belt. Thanks for a great product."  .....  Katie B.

       "I just received my belt and wanted to say thank you, it's great. Thank you, also, for your professionalism. You mentioned that this is a part time thing for you, but from your initial phone follow up to the packaging and mailing of the belt everything has been first class.  .....  thanks again " ...   Rob A.

       "The belts we ordered from you last fall for my nephew in Iceland have been working very well. He now tells me he would not know what to do without them!! I would now like to place an order for three belts.   Many thanks." ..... Heida K.

      "Now, about a year out of the hospital I am strong again and back on the job, and I honestly don't know how I did without the belt I first purchased from you about six weeks ago. I used to have to hold the weight of the bag on the way to the bathroom with one hand, and wear xtra long shirts to hide the bag.  No longer. ....... The belt is a lifesaver. I am on your site now to order another one. I just want to say thanks for such an invaluable product for ostomates."  ...... David S.  Carpenter/Contractor Physically active 50 hrs/wk

       "Many thanks for the last belt. It is a really good design. I would like to order another two belts and will order via your website".... Pete 

       "I wore my new belt for the last 24 hours. I'm very happy! Very comfortable and nicely support and conceal the ileostomy bag. Better than hanging between your legs. I'm only 3 weeks post surgery and this belt is one of the good news that instantly improves my quality of life."  ..... Thanks!   Francis D.

       "I've only had it on for about 6 hours and I love it, especially because I have a hernia that is just below the ilio. And with the bag pulling on my abdomen when it gets a little heavy, it affects the hernia. This belt handles the weight beautifully."  Thanks .....  Michael H.

       "Thank you for your great product. It has really made a difference in my husbands life" .... Sally

     "Les--Just can't say enough about how great  your product is.  My pouch was always in my way and now it's neatly tucked away.  Just ordered my second belt.  I'm a very satisfied customer, thanks to you".   Steve H,   IN.